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Text Size


If you find the text on this site is too small, you can change it easily in your browser settings. Simply follow the instructions below based on the browser you use.


If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to the View Menu, select Text Size and then either Larger or Largest.


If you use Mozilla Firefox, go the View menu, select Text Size and then click Increase. Repeat to continue increasing the text size.


If you use Netscape Navigator, go to the View menu and choose Increase Font until the text is the size you require.


If you use Google Chrome, click the menu icon on the top right and click Settings, at the bottom click Show Advanced Settings, and under Web Content select Font Size and choose the size of the text suitable to you.


Alternatively, press 'Ctrl' and = at the same time to zoom in, or 'Ctrl' and - simultaneously to zoom out.